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A common starling that isn't so common.

How does this little galaxy bird brings me closer to a universal connection?

I've never actually seen a common starling. Only in pictures at least. Like a nebula from space, this bird has some serious effect on me. I seem to get lost in it's colors and stardust—the little sprinkles of light delicately splattered upon it's chest. He seems to be floating almost, gently and effortlessly finding his way. Another gentle spirit speaking to me, telling me to connect, relax, and be free. Yet, here I sit, in my studio, trying to find the words (and brushstrokes) to express myself.

I've wanted to paint a starling for years, and in fact, have tried on several occasions. It never seemed to work out and always left me in a state of despair. So, I put it aside, and moved on. I had the urge to try again and consciously tried to let go and paint with more freedom. The truth is, I'm not sure how much I like it. But, I'm so happy with the way I created it. Connect, relax, and be free.

#galaxybird #starling #spiritualquest

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