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If you know me at all, you know how much I love cats.

How does my love for cats translate through my art?

Big, small, skinny, round—I can't get enough! Why, you ask? Funny story. So, I grew up only ever having dogs, never cats. In fact, I was allergic to cats. Because of this, I projected my dislike for my allergies to a dislike of cats. WHAT A MISTAKE! It wasn't until I met my wife, in my mid 20's, that I found my true loves! Yes, my wife, but also her cat, Kitty. I was smitten. Amazingly, I had no allergic reaction to Kitty. And what I found instead was this big fluffy grey kitty monster with the sweetest personality. Little did I know that Kitty started my love affair with cats big and small everywhere.

This painting, which I named 'Midday Gaze', was an exercise in composition. Often, I paint portraits that are focused on the animals' face. But, in this piece, I wanted to tell you something. I saw this guy standing in the plain, gazing off into the distance after a midday meal. His mane gently blows from the steady breeze as the grass and leaves rustle around him. He looks around, fixing his eyes on something in the distance. He's still and waits patiently to react.

Cats are fantastic.

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