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Visit From the Other Side?

I had such a cool little experience with this red dragonfly the other day. So, I’m outside, minding my business, and this little guy was flying around. Before I knew it, he landed a foot or so away from me. I slowly turned and started talking. I asked how they were doing and just the know, small talk. I then slowly moved towards him, reached out, and to my surprise, he didn’t fly away. I thought, hmm, that’s new. So, I got closer. Until I was literally stoking his wings! He looked up at me, turned his little head back and forth, and was completely present with me. After a few minutes, yes, a few minutes, I placed a finger in front of him and he literally hugged it with his two front feet! I swayed back and forth as we had this incredible moment. I kept asking who he/she was, as if he was going to answer me. :) I can’t say for sure, but it sure felt like someone was visiting me. After a few more minutes, he looked up, and flew off.

I had to paint him!

Two days later, I'm waiting outside as I'm picking up my daughter, and ANOTHER red dragonfly lands right next to me. He looks up to me and I slowly move towards him. Just like that, I'm softly stroking his beautiful wings!

What is happening? Is someone visiting me from the other side? And if so, who?!?! Or is it some sort or spiritual sign?

I think I need a Shaman!

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