With almost two decades of experience, I dive wholeheartedly into each new piece, providing high-end custom paintings. Choose from three distinct styles in which I specialize. My most commson size is 11x14 inches, which you can order here. Feel free to email me with any questions or if you'd like a larger size.


3 simple steps:

1. Purchase

2. Respond to confirmation email with pictures to be used for painting (eric@signedsweet.com)

3. Once your order is placed, I'll reach out to discuss composition (and to collect your reference photos if not received).

*Typical custom painting (11x14 in.) turn-around time is within 2-3 weeks.

Custom 11x14 in. Pet Portrait or Wildlife Commission

  • OIL ON CANVAS (Traditional)

    A traditional oil painting on canvas. These pieces are created focusing on light and color using broad impressionistic brush strokes, and natural colors to create a realistic painting. A great option for those who favor traditional artwork.


    OIL ON CANVAS (Expressive)

    Painted with oil on canvas, with this option, I paint in a more expressive manner. These oil paintings are painted using my hands, fingers, and occasional palette knife. With bold colors, deep texture, focusing on feeling rather than precision, you’re sure to get a one of kind piece. 



    ​My watercolor portraits are a combination of realistic features and impressionistic colors and texture. I make use of layered washes, making smooth gradations, and lots of splatter.