I started this painting with the hopes of showing a father lion and his cub. I painted the two several times, and never felt good about it. The last time, I was pleased and felt like moving on to something new. But, I kept looking at it with a sense of despair and unfulfillment. So, I decided to put it back up on the easel. After starring at this painting for weeks, I suddenly had this crazy, surreal feeling come over me. I wasn’t looking at a father and cub, I was looking at myself. I started to tear up. I new then exactly what I needed to do. The grown lion needed to go. I loaded my hands with titanium white, and started to “erase” him. I felt sad, scared, and tearful. Not because I was losing all the hard work i put in, but because I new this painting was about me. I couldn’t keep trying to make him perfect. I needed to let that go. And what’s left, is a cub, who only has an aura of his past remaining.


When I look at this piece now, I don’t see a blank canvas and lion cub. I see myself, what I want to leave behind, and what possibility there is moving forward.


Original 'Reflections' Oil Painting

  • SIZE: 36" x 36" inches (3/4" canvas depth)
    SIZE FRAMED: 40" x 40" x 2"
    SIGNED by the artist
    MEDIA: oil on canvas
    FRAMING included (black floater frame)


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