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  • A common starling that isn't so common.

    How does this little galaxy bird brings me closer to a universal connection? I've never actually seen a common starling. Only in pictures at least. Like a nebula from space, this bird has some serious effect on me. I seem to get lost in it's colors and stardust—the little sprinkles of light delicately splattered upon it's chest. He seems to be floating almost, gently and effortlessly finding his way. Another gentle spirit speaking to me, telling me to connect, relax, and be free. Yet, here I sit, in my studio, trying to find the words (and brushstrokes) to express myself. I've wanted to paint a starling for years, and in fact, have tried on several occasions. It never seemed to work out and always left me in a state of despair. So, I put it aside, and moved on. I had the urge to try again and consciously tried to let go and paint with more freedom. The truth is, I'm not sure how much I like it. But, I'm so happy with the way I created it. Connect, relax, and be free. #galaxybird #starling #spiritualquest

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  • Watercolor Birds & Animal Paintings | Wildlife Artist Eric Sweet | Michigan

    Watercolor Animal & Bird Paintings by Eric Sweet My relationship to the animal spirit is the driving force behind my work and my sole motivation. NEW WORKS Chickadee Watercolor Print Common Starling Watercolor Print Eastern Bluebird in Flight Watercolor Print Rufous Hummingbird Watercolor Print Raven Watercolor Print Pig No. 3 Watercolor Print BEST SELLERS Wolf Pup Watercolor Print Doe Watercolor Print Blue Jay Watercolor Print Mallard Duck Watercolor Print Elk Watercolor Print Pelican Watercolor Print Cow Watercolor Print Giraffe Watercolor Print Deer Fawn Watercolor Print See More The original painting is stunning! It shipped fast, and securely. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend this artist's work to everyone! -Jim ​ Incredibly beautiful, even prints of his originals look like the originals!! Highly recommend these stunning pieces of art!! -Courtney ​ Exquisite work with intense attention to detail!! Beautiful, breathtaking use of colors! Shipment was very fast! I think I have made 9 purchases and treasure each one. Hope to one day commission a painting of my fur babies! 💜 -Corrine ​ I am obsessed with these mammal watercolors. So unique and the animals and colors are perfect. I bought 6 different animals for our vacation rental. I keep checking back for new ones! -Kim ​ ​

  • Wildlife Artist Eric Sweet | About the Artist

    Eric Sweet With quiet brushstrokes, I can momentarily escape the madness into the wild and connect with nature. Animals for me have always been a safe haven—gentle souls that are in touch with a peaceful spiritual world. My relationship to the animal spirit is the driving force behind my work and my sole motivation. ​ My watercolor paintings are loose and spontaneous, painted with large washes and splatter, exaggerated color, and smooth gradations. My approach with watercolors is interpretive in nature. Put differently, these paintings take into consideration my interpretation of the animals’ spirit, and my relationship with said spirit, not necessarily their true appearance. In the end, these paintings capture the animal spirit in a unique blend of realism and impressionism. ​ Less frequently, I’ll dabble in oils using a variety of approaches. Most traditionally, I’ll paint with quick but precise brushwork, focusing on shape, value, and color. This realistic approach allows me to focus on the feeling of the animal and scene rather than getting lost in the details. Up close, the brushstrokes come alive to tell the story of the creation of the painting. Using black oil paint in a dry brush manner, I’ll focus on the small details, resulting in a more realistic painting. Lastly, using only my hands as tools, I’ll finger paint large scale oils for a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece. ​ Each of these techniques are used to celebrate the diversity of life on our amazing planet. My hope is to allow the viewer to not only see the animal but feel the animal spirit. I love transitioning between these different approaches; it really makes me appreciate the animals in very different ways. If you’re interested in a painting or commissioned piece, but want more information, please email me here . ​ When I'm not painting, you may find me woodworking, golfing, flying in my flight sim, or spending time with my amazing wife and daughter.

  • Commissioned Wildlife Art | Custom Pet Portraits | Artist Eric Sweet

    Commissions CUSTOM PAINTINGS ​ To commission a custom animal or bird painting, please use the form below. In the message section, describe your desired portrait. I'll reach out soon after receiving your message to discuss your painting. You can expect paintings to be completed in two to three weeks once started. Large scale commissions are typically completed in one to two months. ​ Paintings are priced individually and are based on size, medium, and complexity. ​ I look forward to hearing from you! Your details were sent successfully! Send

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