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Hello. I'm Eric. I grew up in southeast Michigan, about an hour outside of Detroit. I was a creative kid, who loved to draw, invent, and build. I spent a lot of time drawing cars and coming up with ridiculous names for them—many of which are safeguarded in my studio. I've always considered myself a deep thinker and searcher. I think about my existence often—my place among the stars and what the purpose might be. I regularly feel like I’m searching for something—an endless quest for meaning. This search has led me to explore painting various subjects in multiple mediums and styles throughout the years.

As a searcher, I often find myself looking up, navigating the night sky, thinking about the vastness of space and the purpose of life. I'm in awe of our universe, how so much beauty can be created through destruction, and how our eyes gather light to create these gaseous masterpieces in the sky. I love painting these moments captured in time, portraying the fabric of our existence, while being reminded of how small and precious we are.


Join me on a visual odyssey through my latest collection of oil paintings showcasing the breathtaking wonders of our universe. These realistic works showcase the grandeur of stars, nebulae, and galaxies, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos. Each brushstroke captures the celestial dance of light and color, portraying the vastness of space with meticulous attention to detail. From the radiant glow of distant stars to the ethereal swirls of nebulae, these paintings celebrate the cosmic ballet that unfolds in the heavens above.

In the realm of my artistic vision, I am transported through the universe, transcending the boundaries of space and time. With an unwavering desire to witness the cosmos firsthand, my imagination propels me on a journey where I can see, with my own eyes, the captivating beauty of nebulae and galaxies. Each stroke of my brush becomes a cosmic voyage, translating the ethereal hues and intricate formations into tangible expressions on canvas. In this artistic odyssey, I hope to share the profound awe experienced, inviting others to join me in the exploration of our mesmerizing universe.

These works come to life on stretched canvas, meticulously crafted in oils to capture the essence of reality with unparalleled authenticity. A mesmerizing array of nebulas takes form through an intricate fusion of layers and blending, delicately crafting vibrant gaseous clouds bursting with vivid hues. Each star is then precisely placed in their forever home.


Watercolors are my go-to medium. I love the nature of watercolor, the translucency it provides, and its light-hearted nature. My watercolor landscape sketches are painted alla prima with hopes of capturing the essence of the scene and the beauty of nature and our planet. I use large washes to convey atmosphere and add small amounts of detail in the foreground or in places where attention is desired. These works are quick, meditative in nature, and serve as a reminder to not get lost in the details of life but rather to enjoy the experience. I try to get out and paint plein air as much as possible but often find myself taking photos back to the studio and painting those scenes down the road. 

It's undeniable that animals have played a huge role in my work and were the subject of choice for many years. I've always admired animals and their ability to live in the moment without ruminating in the past or dreaming of the future. The animal spirit is powerful and can be portrayed in so many different ways. I'm also a bird watcher, and love sharing my interpretation of these little marvels of the sky. These works are painted in watercolors, a spirited choice for what I hope to represent. My watercolors are light and airy, full of energy and movement, focusing on capturing the spirit of my subject. They are light and airy, speckled with spirit dust, and good for the soul.

I've also worked with oils creating some expressive animal works here, and more realistic works here. Both of these series, though expressed at different ends of a spectrum, were created to celebrate the vast diversity of life on our planet and the pure souls that these creatures possess.




My studio is located in East Lansing, Michigan, home of the Michigan State Spartans. I'm just a few minutes from campus and often find myself on campus searching for inspiration.

When I'm not painting, I'm usually spending time with my two daughters and wife, golfing, working in the yard, sky watching, or relaxing with my extended family.


“You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” -Max Ehrman from Desiderata

Eric Sweet Space Art Horsehead nebula
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