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Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy, Oil on Canvas, 48x36 in


The Andromeda Galaxy, also called Messier 31 or M31, with two satellite galaxies, M32 and M110, is the nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way sitting approximately 2.5 million light years away from Earth. This bahemeth is home to some one trillion stars rotating around a giant black hole at the center of the galaxy, far more than the estimated 100 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are ever so slowly, in galactic terms, moving towards one another at 68 miles per second and are expected to collide in around 4–5 billion years, merging to potentially form a giant elliptical galaxy. Fascinatingly, Andromeda is visible to the naked eye from Earth, sitting close to the constellation Cassiopeia. 


Painting this giant was a massive undertaking. Though I could not paint all one trillion stars, this prized piece is home to more than 75,000 individually painted stars using photographic inspiration from ESA/Hubble. The authenticity of the placement of each star is one aspect of the painting which makes it so unique. 

Andromeda Galaxy


    SIZE: 48 x 36 in.

    CERTIFICATE of authenticity included

    MEDIA: oil on canvas

    FINISH: unvarnished

    READY to hang!


    SHIPPED within 3-5 business days

    PACKAGED with care and insured

  • Limited Edition Prints


    SIGNED by the artist

    MEDIA: giclee print

    FRAMING not included


    PRINTED on premium fine art hot pressed paper using only the finest archival fade proof inks

    SHIPPED within 2-3 business days

    PACKAGED and SHIPPED safely rolled to prevent bending

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