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Nocturne No. 3

A little spontaneity depicting a serene blue night sky adorned with dazzling stars peeking through the dark silhouettes of trees. The swift and expressive brushstrokes capture the enchanting atmosphere, with the deep blue hues creating a calming backdrop for the luminous stars. The contrast of the dark trees against the radiant night sky adds a sense of mystery and tranquility to the scene. Amidst the silhouetted landscape, a cozy house emerges, smoke gently billowing from the fireplace stack. This subtle touch introduces a human element, suggesting warmth and habitation in the midst of the celestial spectacle, creating a harmonious blend between the cosmic canvas and the comforting glow of a home beneath the starlit night.

Nocturne No. 3

  • SIZE: 10 x 8 in.

    CERTIFICATE of authenticity included

    MEDIA: oil on canvas

    VARNISH: gloss

    READY to hang!


    SHIPPED within 2-3 business days

    PACKAGED with care and insured

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