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Hello! I'm Eric. I'm a watercolor artist based out of East Lansing, Michigan. I paint primarily birds and animals and have recently started painting abstracts and landscapes. I love the nature of watercolor, the translucency it provides, and the light-hearted nature of the medium.


My abstracts are ocean inspired. Flying above I envision myself peering down into the varying depths of the unknown. These works are purely expressionistic and are titled based on what I was feeling or thinking about during their creation. Their construction is unique, as they are mounted on stainless steel, coated with epoxy resin, and hung one inch off the wall.


My animal and bird paintings are loose and spontaneous, painted with large washes and splatter, exaggerated color, and smooth gradations. With quiet brushstrokes, I can momentarily escape the madness into the wild and connect with nature. Animals for me have always been a safe haven—gentle souls that are in touch with a peaceful spiritual world. My relationship to the animal spirit is the driving force behind my work and my sole motivation.​ My approach is purely interpretive in nature.  Put differently, these paintings take into consideration my interpretation of the animals’ spirit, not necessarily their true appearance. I like to describe them as dreamy star-dusted animals, but you can decide for yourself. In the end, these paintings capture the animal spirit in a unique blend of realism and impressionism.

​Less frequently, I’ll dabble in oils using a variety of approaches. Most traditionally, I’ll paint with quick but precise brushwork, focusing on shape, value, and color. This realistic approach allows me to focus on the feeling of the animal and scene rather than getting lost in the details. Up close, the brushstrokes come alive to tell the story of the creation of the painting. Using black oil paint in a dry brush manner, I’ll focus on the small details, resulting in a more realistic painting. Lastly, using only my hands as tools, I’ll finger paint large scale oils for a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece.


If you’re interested in a painting or commissioned piece, but want more information, please email me here.

When I'm not painting, I enjoy spending time with my two daughters, golfing, working in the yard, and relaxing with my family.

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