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Welcome. I grew up in southeast Michigan, not far from Detroit. I was a creative kid, who loved to draw, invent, and build. I spent a lot of time drawing cars and coming up with ridiculous names for them—many of which are safeguarded in my studio! I've always considered myself an empath and feeler. I wear my heart on my sleeve and don't shy away from my feelings. Art for me has always been a way to express those feelings. 

Education has also been a priority in my life and not so ironically mirrors the path I've been destined to take artistically. I earned a BA in Business Administration, a Certificate in Computer Aided Engineering, an abundance of art classes, and finally a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. What I know now is that what felt like indecisiveness throughout my early twenties was actually a refusal to choose ONE thing to do for my entire life! I wanted to have the freedom to explore a plethora of interests. What I value is learning, exploring, producing, and then moving on to something new. Life is short, and I don't want to be stuck doing the same thing week after week. And that same value is what drives me as an artist today. I want to experience a technique, style, or subject full heartedly, and then with much humility and grace move on to something new.

Here you'll find my most recent works, ranging in styles and mediums. You'll see an abundance of watercolors—I love the nature of watercolor, the translucency it provides, and the light-hearted nature of the medium. But I also love oil paint, its rich colors, and undeniably beautiful textures. 

It's undeniable that animals have played a huge role in my work and have been the subject of choice for many years. I've always admired animals and their ability to live in the moment without ruminating in the past or dreaming of the future. The animal spirit is powerful and can be portrayed in so many different ways. You can expect more animal work in the future.

When I'm not painting, I enjoy spending time with my two daughters, golfing, working in the yard, and relaxing with my family.

*That's me with Caprichio Tiger when I used to volunteer at Carolina Tiger Rescue. Don't fret, he was anesthetized!

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